after we touch we become something different

after we touch we become something different

May 18 – JULY 15, 2018. Opening May 18, 6 to 8 pm.
THE MORI CENTER is pleased to present a two-person exhibition of new works by Chiara Lombardi and Rachele Montoro, titled “after we touch we become something different”.


This is an exhibition of two young female Italian photographers whose bodies of work meet on an emotional level, creating a parallel place where there is space for self-discovery..
With their works, photgraphers Chiara Lombardi and Rachele Montoro merge two complementary colors, red and blue, which communicate through armony onto an introspective dimension. The exhibited photographs are a mix of digital and analogic works.
The photographic project centers on the idea of understanding who we are by looking at others. The photographic path suggests different thoughts: what happens to our body and the relationships it creates?
What happens when two bodies touch, to their alchemy and the soul they enclose?How does the shape of one’s body change as it touches other bodies? This photographs ask questions while anticipating answers; the model’s body is investigated in shape, size and color. Finally, when two bodies meet they generate a new, unseen shape and a delicate relationship.


Chiara Lombardi (b. 1995) graduated in photgraphy at RUFA in 2017.  She lives and works between Rome and Turin. Rachele Montoro (b. 1992) studied photography at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Naples. Today she works between Naples and Milan.